Our Story

Our small woodworking company started when we bought our first home over a decade ago and were doing standard small home renovations ourselves.  At that time most of what I knew was taught by my grandfather who was a contractor that worked in the summer building small homes, decks, additions, renovations, etc.

Once most of the major renovations were done in our home, my transition to building custom furniture began. I'm completely self-taught in fine woodworking: I've read countless books and magazines, attended classes and workshops, watched video podcasts and have had lots of practice.  As with most small businesses, our friends and family were requesting that I create pieces for their homes and this led to more practice and eventually building commission pieces for the general public.

That's where we are today...  Located in the greater Chattanooga, TN area specializing in designing and manufacturing custom, handcrafted, heirloom pieces of furniture.

Commission Process

Most of the furniture pieces that are made by Clark Wood Creations are designed per the client's specifications. Generally the first step involves meeting with a client either in person, through email, phone or even online video chat to get an idea of what you are looking for.  Most of the time the design process begins with an inspirational photo or photos of design(s) or style(s) you like.  Once I have an idea of the piece, a 3-dimensional drawing is generated in a CAD program to help refine specific design details and features.

Once a species of wood is determined, a deposit is required to secure the project in my schedule and the material is acquired.  There are a number of hardwood sources I use and I hand select each piece of lumber that is used in the project to ensure the best quality.  Progress on your piece can be followed via social media and/or email and once the piece is completed it can either be shipped, picked up at my shop or hand delivered.

Having a custom piece of furniture made for you and your family is a great experience and I hope we have a chance to work on a special piece that is designed and built just for you.